NameThinktankRetweetsTweetsTotal MP Thinktank
Patrick Dunleavy LSE Public Policy Gr13842164721372
Christopher Snowdon IEA2794082191737
Joe Sarling Centre for Cities94313143735
Matthew Goodwin Chatham House30726184045288
Ryan Bourne Centre for Policy St1352570664067
Jill Segger Ekklesia2662445121011
Philip Collins Demos1062329294147134
Simon Duffy Centre for Welfare R81208969629
Louisa Loveluck Chatham House81720262491015
Richard Reeves Demos4119785730114
Jon Worth IPPR15419177641945
Duncan Green Institute of Develop15817293421059
Jamie Bartlett Demos7917116451090
Jonathan Isaby Tax Payer's Alliance206171284813369
Anna Turley IPPR109151013410365
Sam Bowman Adam Smith Institute471589721053
David Buck The King's Fund26143071323
Colin Talbot Institute For Govern211333701249
Ty Goddard Education Foundation29123663614
Jonathan Bartley Ekklesia914128254924